Volunteers Needed!!

FC Sonora - Randolph is a non-profit organization that is predominantly run by volunteers.  Board members, coaches and team managers all give significant amounts of time to make it all happen.  As with many volunteer organizations in our busy society, more and more of the work is done by a few constant volunteers. These few individuals just can’t give up on making sure everything gets done, so the children have an opportunity to play soccer.
This year, FC Sonora - Randolph began a development plan that aspires to see the club grow and provide a solid competitive and recreational offering of teams, for players that learn the game in our Development Program.  Along with our ambitions, comes the need for more volunteers to handle the increased needs of the club.  There are many administrative tasks that must be accomplished every year, such as player registration, uniform ordering and distribution.  Our fundraising events, the Socctoberfest Tournament and Club Picnic, need to be planned and manned. Our website must be kept current and we need to market our programs. And all these activities have accounting associated with them.    

It is not difficult to imagine that a volunteer organization, with plans to grow, will need more volunteers to manage its administration.  This is a call for volunteers! Rather than single individuals over working and burning out, the club would like to have committees of volunteers for the following areas: Promotion and Player Registration, Uniforms and Apparel, Event Planning: Tournaments & Club Picnic, Website and Media Communications, Marketing and Fundraising.  Please join us in our effort to provide a great soccer experience with life-lessons for our children! Contact us at info@fcsonora.org to volunteer.